Swedish death cleaning business closes after 100 years of business

A Swedish cleaning business that has been offering funerals and cremations since 1899 has closed after 100 year.

Swedish funeral cleaners were given the nickname “death cleaners” in the 1800s after the Swedish royal family chose them to perform their services.

In the 1930s, the business was owned by the family of a royal, but in the 1950s, a woman was killed in the business.

In 2016, the company filed for bankruptcy, but the closure was announced after a lawsuit from the company’s owner, a Swedish woman, alleging that her death cleaning company, Närvarett, had violated its contract.

The company had been owned by Johanna Estrada, the daughter of a former Swedish Prime Minister who also owned the funeral home in which the funeral was to take place.

Estradada claims the business did not meet the legal requirements for cremation and burial, and was in violation of the law.

In a letter to Estradea, the Swedish court ruled that the company violated the contract with the deceased, and ordered the company to pay Estradera’s funeral expenses and the costs of the funeral.

The Swedish government is currently looking into the issue and is hoping to have the death cleaning contract reinstated by the end of this year.

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