New York City offers $50 rebate on car wash and car-cleaning kit

New York’s citywide rebate program will allow residents to receive up to $50 off car-washing and car cleaning kits, a deal that will take effect starting Wednesday.

The city said it will also offer a rebate for customers who purchase a cleaning kit.

New York is the first U.S. city to offer rebates to residents, according to city spokeswoman Rachel Lefebvre.

The rebate program, which is set to begin Wednesday, will apply to a variety of products, including dishwasher and washing machine cleaning, dryer cleaning, dishwasher oil, vacuum cleaner, dry cleaning kit and dry cleaning wipes.

The city’s rebate program has been in place since June, and will be valid through the end of August, Lefechre said.

New York City’s rebate, which comes with a $25 registration fee, will be split among residents who make a minimum of $300 and up to two households with income at or above $100,000.

Residents who earn more than $100 per month will receive up $10 a month, up to a maximum of $150 a month.

“As our city continues to recover from the devastating flooding that took place earlier this year, we know that our residents deserve to be able to save up to double the rebate they receive for their car washing and car cleaners,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement.

Mayor Bill de la Rama, who is leading the city’s recovery effort, said the city will work to expand the rebate to residents with income between $200,000 and $250,000, as well as the more expensive $250-300 range.

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