Which one is the cheapest?

Simple Green Cleaner, a household robot cleaner, has recently been promoted by its makers to the top of the list of most popular household cleaners, according to research.

The company claims that the cleaner can make up to 4.5 million cleaning tasks a day for households, but the data only goes back for three years.

The new machine, called R-bot, costs £9.99 and comes with an optional remote control.

It uses a simple green cleaning spray that can be sprayed on carpets or your carpets, and then cleans them with the robot.

“It’s got a powerful machine to do cleaning tasks, but also a powerful remote control to get a job done,” said Richard Lofthouse, who runs the UK division of R-Bot.

“You can really automate what you can and not make a mess.”

The company also claims to make up for its lack of efficiency by offering its customers an incentive package.

“With a low maintenance price and a high quality, low maintenance, R-bots cleaning service, the best value in the UK and world,” said Mr Lofthing.

Mr Landt said that the company was offering the option to choose between a two-year subscription or a one-year trial.

“The two-month trial has a cost, but a trial is a trial,” he said.

“People are more likely to buy if it’s a good deal.”

Mr Landroft said the company had recently started to see a rise in the use of robot cleaners.

“We have a big rise in people coming into our shop and they’re using a robotic cleaner to do their cleaning,” he explained.

“They are cleaning up and they are getting a good result.”

The firm recently launched a new range of products called Rbots.

One of the new machines, R1, can spray a carpet or your carpet, then the robot can do a scrubbing job.

The cleaner comes with a remote control which can be used to spray and scrub your carpet and floor.

The other two robots, R2 and R3, can do different cleaning tasks depending on how busy the household is.

A R1 cleaning brush costs £10, while R2 comes in at £8.

“I’ve never had to use a brush before,” said Ms Molloy, who has been using the R1 and R2 for years.

R2 can scrub a floor, while the R3 can do carpet cleaning, as well as the carpet, in between. “

When I first got one of them, I just used my hand to scrub and then just used the hand and I just took it away.”

R2 can scrub a floor, while the R3 can do carpet cleaning, as well as the carpet, in between.

R1 is also available in the US, as the company is currently looking to expand its range.

The latest R-Robot R1 can spray, scrub, scrub and vacuum your carpet or floor.

A remote control, R3 comes with two different cleaning brushes to pick up a brush.

The robot can also do a carpet cleaning job, as it has a separate vacuum and spray.

The R1 was initially launched as a ‘home’ robot cleaner for £7.99, but it has since been launched as an ‘automation’ product.

R-Automation is a division of the UK-based R-Design.

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