The top 5 items you need to clean your house

The most important thing you should know about the cleaners that you’ll be cleaning next month, according to the best cleaning tools that are out there.

The best cleaner for your home is the one that you know and love.

Here are the top 5 cleaning tools for 2018.


Wipe the inside of your home with a damp cloth.

The inside of the home is an area that has the highest potential for mold and bacteria growth, so washing your house with a detergent and a damp towel is a good way to get rid of those moldy smells.

The damp cloth can be bought at many grocery stores or at a home improvement store.

You can also purchase a dryer-type cleaner or a cleaning brush for this job.

Washing with a dry cloth can also help you clean the outside of your house.


Use a cleaning pad.

A pad of paper towels can be very helpful for cleaning your house and the kitchen.

Just lay it out on a table or counter, and then brush it all over your house or kitchen.

It also can be good for removing mold, and it won’t stick to the hardwood floors that you might have a problem with.

You’ll need a pad of about three inches by six inches.3.

Place a piece of wood on top of the pad.

Then, wipe the inside and outside of the wood with a cloth.

If the wood is too thick, it can stick to your carpet and you’ll need to remove it with a broom.4.

Wash the wood.

Using a towel, wash the wood surface with a mixture of warm water and dish soap.

Then rub the wood in a circular motion, then rinse off with cold water.

You might have to use a brush to get the wood wet.5.

Use an electric vacuum to vacuum.

This vacuum can clean your home in just a few minutes, and you can clean the inside using the vacuum cleaner on your home computer or smartphone.

If you have an electric vacuum, you can also use it to clean out your home if you don’t have one.6.

Use your vacuum cleaner to dry out a moldy door.

If your moldy walls and ceilings aren’t looking good, use an electric cleaning vacuum on them.

Just place the vacuum on the inside wall, then run it through the moldy wall to dry it out.

It should take about five minutes.

If it takes more than five minutes, try another method.


Put a towel over your home to dry the inside.

You may have to put a dampened towel over the mold and dirt, and put it in a small area on the wall that’s not too close to the mold or the dirt.

You don’t want to put the towel in a mold or dirt spot where the mold can get inside.

It can also be good to place the towel on the top of a door frame to dry a mold before using it.8.

Use the broom to clean a mold on the outside.

A broom can be used to dry mold on a door or inside wall.

Just brush it over the wall, and let it dry.

You won’t need to worry about the dirt or mold getting into your home.9.

Put the mold-free carpet in a dry area.

You need to put your carpet in the dry area and let the air dry it.

Then use the vacuum to dry your carpet.

If there’s mold on your carpet, then you might want to clean it with the dryer.

You just need to be sure that the dry air is going into the mold.

The mold can live in your carpet or on your furniture, but it can’t live on the carpet or in the carpet.

You should just wipe it off with a clean towel.10.

Dry a mold-infested surface.

You could try dry brushing the mold off your home and then using the dry-brush to dry that area.

It won’t take long to get through the area, but you may want to check your carpets or other surfaces before doing this.

You also may want a vacuum cleaner for this step.

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