Spreading the word about the tongue cleaner

As we reported, tongue cleaners are coming back into vogue and are already on the market.

But the latest addition to the line-up, tongue cleaner 3.0, is making it onto the shelves in the UK.

If you haven’t had the chance to pick up a bottle of the new product, or if you’re one of the lucky ones who have already got one, here’s what you need to know.

What it does: The tongue cleaner uses a new technology that allows it to use less water than a standard tongue cleaner.

It also allows it use more of the same type of ingredients, like vinegar, that it uses in traditional tongue cleaners.

So why do I need a tongue cleaner?

If you have a hard time getting your teeth into the new tongue cleaner bottle, you’ll have to ask yourself why.

The new technology allows the tongue to clean itself with less water and it doesn’t need to be held in place with a toothpick.

As the product is still in the design phase, it is still a work in progress, so expect it to take a few years to become a reality.

The tongue cleaners bottle will retail for £15.99, which is the price of a bottle with a full size bottle of tongue cleaner in it.

How to use it: To get the full benefit of the tongue cleaners cleaner, simply fill it up with water and pour it into your mouth.

You can use the nozzle on the side to scoop up the tongue and clean it in one go, or you can just suck on the bottle to clean the tongue at the same time.

It does not have to be swallowed, though.

It will work best if you use it with a spoon.

The device has been designed so that it doesn.t have to come into contact with food, but you can easily pour the water out with your fingers and it will continue to clean your mouth while it is in your mouth so you don’t get a toothbrush.

The first tongue cleaner to arrive in the US and Australia was tongue cleaner 4.0.

This version of the product has been tested on dogs and is the only one of its kind available in the States.

If that isn’t enough, there’s a second version of tongue cleaners available as well, tongue cleaning 3.2, which has been used in research for years.

This is the new generation of tongue cleansers.

They are a little more expensive, but it’s worth it to get them.

The technology is still the same, so you won’t get the same cleaning power that you would with a regular tongue cleaner but there will be less friction between your teeth and the product, which means the tongue will come into cleaner contact with your food more easily.

How long will the new tongues last?

The new tongues can last up to two weeks in your hands.

If the water has been completely removed, they should not come into direct contact with anything.

However, if they have been sitting in your hand, they may need to get a few weeks before they can be cleaned.

So, what do I do with my new tongue cleaners?

You can keep them as you go, use them as a hand sanitiser or wash them down with your favourite hot chocolate.

But if you do decide to give them a go, you might want to buy a bottle to get the extra juice out of them, as you might be able to use them to clean up other stains on your hands, shoes or clothes.

If you have questions about the products or have any concerns about the safety of them contact us.