Is your pet’s toilet cleaner a disaster?

Cleaning wipes are one of the most common items that pets are forced to use.

Many of us think they are just a harmless cleaning tool, but it can cause serious health problems if not used properly.

In this BBC News video, we will show you how the wipes can be used to spread germs around and help protect your pet from the germs that are spread through your house.

You may also want to check out the BBC’s ‘Gestures for Pet Owners’ to get tips for cleaning and maintaining your pet.

How do I wash my pet’s dirty hands?

Cleaning is a very common problem for pets, especially young children, so washing your pet with soap and water is a good idea.

The soap and a bit of water will do the trick.

The more soap and the longer the soap stays in the pot, the better it will wash away any dirt.

If you don’t have soap and need to use soap, just dip a toothbrush into water and let it soak for about 10 minutes.

If you don�t have soap, then a bit more water will help to dissolve any lint.

You can then add more water if you need to.

This will help the soap to dissolve the lint into water, so you don �t need to repeat this process.

If the soap is too strong, it can clog up the toilet, so try using a mild soap instead.

It�ll also help to rinse the toilet bowl with warm water to soften the soap.

How to wash your pet�s dirty hands, part 1: wash pet’s hands with soapFirst, get a clean towel.

This towel is important as it can hold the soap and clean water.

You can also get a toilet brush or two.

Just make sure it�s long enough so you can reach the end.

Dip a toothpick in the water, and then wash the animal�s hands with the soap (and water) at the same time.

If soap is very strong, you may have to use the toothpick for a few minutes to make it soften.

This method of washing the pet�d hands is a bit messy.

You need to take the towel out of the pot and put it on the floor or other flat surface.

Then simply let the soap soak in the towel.

You want to keep the soap in the toilet and the water in the bathtub.

If soap is not too strong you can just put it in the bowl and let the toilet brush sit in it.

Then wash the pets hands with more water, until the soap has dissolved.

This way, the soap will leave a residue that is not easily washed off.

After washing the hands, use a gentle hand scrub to get rid of any lumps and any dirt that may have made its way into the toilet.

The soap will also be absorbed into the fabric of the pet, making it harder for it to get any germs.

Once the soap leaves the toilet you can rinse it off in the sink.

This is a really simple method to clean up your pet, but you may want to consider cleaning with soap if you have a pet that has allergies.

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