New report reveals toxic chemicals found in pool cleaners

A toxic chemicals expert says it is difficult to determine how long these products have been in use and where they may have been stored.

The study released Tuesday in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives found the chemicals found on the bags of cleaning products are not linked to any health issues.

The findings contradict a previous study in the Journal of Industrial and Engineering Toxicology that suggested these chemicals may have come from the same pool cleaning products.

The report says there is no evidence that pool cleaning service providers are at risk of developing or spreading these chemicals.

“It’s not a very good conclusion.

I would say it’s probably too early to say that this is a new thing,” said David Schoenfeld, a toxicologist and professor of environmental health sciences at Columbia University in New York City.

“What we know is that pool cleaners are in high demand by pool owners, and that the cleaning industry is increasingly exposed to a number of contaminants.”

The study looked at the use of pool cleaning and cleaning products from other companies.

It found the presence of the chemical, a hydrochloride compound, on about 7 percent of the products tested.

There were no reported health problems associated with the chemicals, but the chemical could be toxic to aquatic organisms, the researchers said.

The authors also noted that the use and storage of pool cleaners is not regulated.

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