‘It’s just an old lady who got into my steam cleaner’: Woman in court for alleged steam cleaner scam

A woman who allegedly stole a steam cleaner from a woman in her 80s and used it to clean up her car has been sentenced to six months in prison.

The woman, who cannot be named, was also given a suspended sentence.

Police were called to the scene in the town of St Andrews after the woman said she was cleaning a car when she heard a noise.

The victim told police the woman appeared to be in her 60s, and that the woman then appeared to throw a bottle of cleaner at her car, which she threw back.

The court heard she told police she was a cleaner who had recently moved to the town.

The trial heard the woman allegedly made several false claims about her job and how much she was paid.

The accused was arrested in February 2016, and was given a 10-month suspended sentence for stealing a vehicle and two years for fraud.

Her lawyer said she had spent four years in prison for the alleged fraud, and had been living with her ex-husband in prison when she was arrested.

The prosecution also said the woman’s claims about the amount of money she had made in the past were untrue.

“It’s a crime against humanity and a crime of violence against the elderly,” Mr O’Connor told the court.

“I hope this sentence will be the last sentence for this woman.”

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