How to use paint brushes cleaner to get rid of mould

The paint brush cleaners on sale on Amazon are usually more expensive than the brand name brands but can actually do a lot to kill mould.

Here’s how to get a batch of paint brushes and get rid the mould on your bedroom carpet.

First, get the brushes in a container.

You can use a tea towel or similar container to get them in. 

After they’re in, pour them into a plastic bag. 

Next, place a layer of paintbrush cleaner on top of the paintbrush you just put in the container.

The cleaner will help to make the paint adhere to the wood surface. 

Now, just fill the paint brush up to the top of your paintbrush and squeeze it around. 

This should help to get the paint off of the wood. 

Then you can go and rinse it off with water. 

If you’re not using the paint brushes on your sofa cleaning, then you can buy a small bottle of paint cleaner that’s just as effective.

Here, we bought a cheap one at the store for €1.70. 

A lot of people don’t buy paint brushes, but there are other ways to clean your furniture.

The most common is to use a toothbrush, which you can use to remove mould, but this can also be done by hand.

You could also use a plastic spoon to make a paste with your toothbrush. 

But, if you have a wooden or metal surface to clean, you might want to consider using a blow dryer or vacuum cleaner. 

And don’t forget to wash your hands after using the cleaning solution!

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