Businesses will no longer be allowed to sell commercial carpet cleaning service

Businesses with commercial carpet cleaners that sell by the kilogram will not be allowed in Australia.

Key points:The Australian Government said the move would save around $20 million a yearIn a statement, the government said it was concerned about the impact on businessThe ban applies to the retail sector as well as services that can be delivered online, on-the-spot and via emailThe Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said it would “take action” if businesses continue to sell the service.

It said it had received more than 12,000 complaints since March of this year about businesses selling commercial carpet removal services online, by the gigabyte, through the phone and in-person, and that some had been offering the service for years.

In a press release issued on Wednesday, the ACCC said that the move was aimed at “keeping the carpet cleaner industry in Australia free from the threat of predatory pricing, and to ensure that businesses do not profit from the practice of selling commercial carp removal services”.

It said the ACCCP “recognises that the carpet cleaners industry is an important and growing industry that contributes significantly to Australian society”.

“The ACCC will take action if commercial carpet sellers continue to provide this service in a way that is harmful to the carpet cleaning industry and undermines consumer choice,” it said.

The ACCCP said that it had not received any complaints about commercial carpet removing services being offered through telephones and in person since March this year.

“These services, as advertised, are designed to make it easier for customers to pay less and more when buying carpet cleaning services, but there is no evidence of consumers being misled or being misled to believe they are being paid more for carpet cleaning,” it added.

Businesses with carp removal service contracts that were available through the internet would also be able to continue to do so.

In April, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission launched an investigation into the commercial carpet washing industry.

It said the investigation was focused on “a number of commercial carpet services which were advertised online in relation to a fee-for-service model”.

A spokeswoman for the ACCP said it “strongly disagreed” with the ACCCC’s position that carpet cleaners were not “licensed cleaners”.

“While the ACCCA and the ACCCCC consider that the term ‘licensed cleaners’ should not be used in relation, or in conjunction with, the term carpet cleaners, the fact that carpet cleaning is a commercial activity is clearly clear and unambiguous to consumers,” she said.

“It is our view that this type of commercial activity has no legal status under the Competition and Consumers Act, and we will take appropriate enforcement action if businesses are not compliant with the requirements of that Act.”

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