How a man is saving thousands of dollars by cleaning up a toxic waste dump

A man who was trying to clean up a dump site for the state’s recycling program has saved thousands of Australian dollars by making the job himself.

Key points:Ricky Jones started cleaning the site in January, after the EPA had warned he could end up with a criminal recordA court hearing has begun in Adelaide’s District Court to decide if the waste should be disposed ofCommunity activist Ricky Jones has been doing his own cleanup, using a bulldozer to remove waste from the site.

Key point: Ricky Jones was charged with failing to dispose of waste after a federal court decision found he had a criminal pastMr Jones said he was cleaning up his dump site to help with the costs of the programCommunity activist and former Labor government minister Ricky Jones said cleaning up the dump site had cost him about $400,000 so far.

“It’s very important I get this right,” Mr Jones told 7.30.

“The landfill is on a hillside, I can’t see the landfill from the road, I have to walk up there and use a hand saw.”

I’m not looking at anything that is moving, I’m not touching anything.

“Mr Jones was first charged with wilful neglect of duty, but that was thrown out by the Supreme Court last year.

Now, the court has decided the landfill should be moved.

Mr Jones, who lives in Adelaide, said he hoped the decision would encourage others to do the same.”

As I said to my wife, ‘look at this guy, he’s just been doing this for a long time,'” he said.”

Now we have the opportunity to show others that you can do it yourself.

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